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Coursehero For Less

Need to know how to get coursehero solutions on the cheap? Read below


Being a student is tough, but nothing brings out the best in us like a good education. This is why despite the costs and the mental toll, we push on—fighting exams, beating deadlines, and extending our limits. It’s both fun and hard at the same time.


Sometimes, though, we find ourselves stuck on a project, struggling for an assignment, or flat out incapable of learning a new lesson. This is where Coursehero ( comes in with all its resources to help us learn and finish our school tasks. This online service is perfect for students who need extra help in their homework. This isn’t the only thing it does, of course, and this versatility is one of the reasons for its services costing as high as they do.


If you’re in a spot, you can actually get avail of their services for less. It takes a little trick involving another website. Sounds like covert stuff, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t complicated at all. Simply head on over to, ask your question, then mention that the question is also found on Coursehero. Set the price to about $3 and wait for people to bite.


Tutors at schoolsolver usually have Coursehero accounts of their own and would gladly grab the answer for you for the money you agreed to pay, which should be a fraction of what Coursehero would ask of you. Of course, they wouldn’t give it as is. They would tailor-fit the solutions to reflect their own styles.


It isn’t sly at all. This is simply the system working in your favor for once so you shouldn’t feel bad for using the loophole. Personally, I find that tutors answer my questions faster when my queries mention that they’re also asked in Course Hero. This is because research time will be virtually eliminated for them and they will still provide you personalized answers injected with extra quality from Course Hero.

My study pool review

Below is my experience of asking a question on


Studypool? StudyBAH

After trying (and failing) to answer even a single question on an exercise set on integral calculus, I decided to try and look for help online. I hunted around Google until I stumbled upon It looked nice and promising enough, so with a hopeful heart, I opened it.

The site needed to be refreshed repeatedly before it would open. When it did, I clicked the big “Ask a Question” box, which then asked me to sign up. I chose the easy route and clicked “Log in with Facebook”. It took several tries (the browser kept redirecting me towards the error page), and then, it said I was banned! I’ve never used this site before and I was banned! It said that I had to settle my account because my “time limit had expired” and that my “account would be locked” until I “take an action.” What?! I pressed “Ok.” I hunted around the page for a while and then found out this wasn’t my account at all but someone named Aurelia. I don’t even know anyone with that name, so I logged out and tried to sign up again with Facebook, but the same thing happened. So I logged out a second time and signed up with my email account instead, verified it, and got redirected to my Dashboard.

Feeling as though I’ve won a major battle, I clicked the Ask Questions button. There were three main boxes on the page, and the top two asked for a title and a category. The third lower box was the biggest, and it had several formatting options, so I assumed it was where the main question should be asked. I attached a picture of my exercise and clicked the next step. The next page was called “Question Settings” – where you choose a tutor tier, budget, and deadline. My question seemed simple enough, and the lowest tutor tier, Standard, already promised both an answer and an explanation, so I went with it. I inputted my budget (although it was supposed to be free, it had a minimum requirement of $1.00) and delivery time (I chose the smallest – 1 hour). The question was posted and I was notified that my question was being matched to a tutor, and that it could take 15 minutes. I decided to eat while waiting for an answer.

Over an hour later, nothing had happened. There were supposed to be bids to answer my question, but there was none. I checked out the tutors’ pages and reviews. Apparently, I should have tried a higher bid even for such a simple question, so I raised it. I finally got one bid and hurriedly confirmed my tutor, opted to pay through PayPal, and waited for the answer.

I guess I fell asleep. I woke up to go to school the next morning, but the answer still wasn’t there. Finally, six hours after the supposed deadline (while I was in class!), my question was answered.

It wasn’t good at all.

Okay, to be fair, the numbers were answered, although I’m not sure if they’re correct (I doubt it). The solutions were severely lacking, and there were no explanations at all! The numbers and steps seemed to just magically evolve and merge for no logical reason. Two numbers did not even have a single line of solution.

And I thought: this is it. What a horrible service.

Studypool said that my payments would only be finalized once I was 100% satisfied with their service, but I was not satisfied at all. I paid, so I had balance to pay my tutor with, but I am not happy with this experience and I wanted my money back. I’ve written them a letter, but as of date, they have not yet replied.

Make Money Doing Homework

Make money doing homework

It may sound a little unusual to go back to school as a way to make a decent income, but what if you didn’t have to go back to class, just do your homework? Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Just like when you were back in school, there’s still plenty of student’s that need a little extra help. It may just be one problem on a math assignment, or a student that needs in-depth tutoring in history. Regardless of the situation many students still need help from time to time and are willing to pay a decent amount of cash for it.

With the rise of the freelance market, websites such as School Solver and Student Lance are showing people how it’s possible to supplement your income from home by helping students with their challenges. If you were one of those students, that might consider this work as “cheating.” You have other options such as editing or tutoring students via webinars.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how do these site’s work and how do torturers get paid? Below you’ll find three great website’s that do just that.

School Solver

How it works

Simply type your question in the search bar and another user will answer your questions while providing step by step examples for an affordable price. To purchase these tutorials, you must first create an account with School Solver; this will provide you access to their secure payment portal, known as Wallet.

Student Lance

How it works

Before using Student Lance, you must create a free account. This requires basic information such as your name and email. This is so that they can keep you updated with your question. Questions are posted by students and tutors have the luxury of searching through them and answering requests as they see fit. Once a tutor has answered your request, you’ll be notified through email. When posting a question you have the option of stating how much you are willing to spend. If you have a more common question, you can search through existing request, to find your answer.

Tag Tutor

How it works

Tagtutor another industry leader in online tutoring, assignments, and problem sets. Unlike other homework solutions sites, Tagtutor is a collaboration of expert writers who have a minimum six years or higher of academic experience in their field.

Students can gain assistance in 4 categories of help: Assignment Help, Homework Assistance, Online Tutoring, and Writing Help by just creating a free account, submitting their task, reviewed by experts, making a payment, and finding their solution.

Comparing Payment Options

When evaluating these site’s payment options School Solver and Student Lance are in the same ballpark. With students posting questions or uploading projects, they will have to mention their budget and how much they are willing to pay. The tutors then will post their answers and quote a price, claiming the amount of time and effort put into a reply. This produces a bidding war, making sure each party is getting the best price possible.

Where Tagtutor separates itself from the competition is with their simple and straightforward payment plan. With students paying per hour for a vast library of tools, instead of being confirmed to niche industries and topics.

Bottom Line

If you love learning and helping other people succeed, you’re school days might not be over!

Chegg Homework Help Review – Not the best place

The Problem with Chegg Homework Help


I’ll admit it’s not so easy for me to do my homework without getting help somewhere else. I’m not really good at expressing myself, and to be honest, I’d rather ask online sites for help because I know they’d put me on the right track.

So when I found Chegg Homework Help, I was quite excited. I thought it would be able to answer all the questions I had, especially since I’m having a hard time with Literature and Math right now.

Unnecessary Categories

Well, I opened their website (chegg.homework/questions-and-answers) and I saw that there were four categories: Science, Math, Engineering, and Business. I was floored. Right then and there, I thought about my literary questions and that maybe, they wouldn’t be answered. Nonetheless, I ended up typing a question.

Unanswered Questions

Basically, I asked the site if it could review Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. Well, the results only showed eBook copies of the novel—which were not really what I needed. After all, I’ve read the book—I just did not get what it’s about, and that’s why I was looking for answers. I scrolled down, and still nothing. Copies of Tuesdays with Morrie showed up, and again, I was not looking for something to read—or buy.

This really turned me off, but nonetheless, I persisted and still tried to use the website. Maybe, it’s good for something, I thought. I clicked Math, and I asked the site to tell me something about square roots. You know what happened? Well, questions and answers about gold triangles, notation, and power showed up on screen. I was getting really pissed at this point. I mean, I asked such a simple question just to see what the site knows and I get irrelevant answers??? How could they think they’d be able to help students out with misleading answers? It was such a letdown.

Prep? What Prep?

Anyway, I also checked their SAT Prep and ACT Test Prep tab, and well, I had to go through an extensive signing-up process that made me feel as if they were just doing it for the money with little to no thought of helping me and others in similar situations. What kind of website does that? I hate how they say they’re around to help students, especially with SAT/ACT, but in reality, they’re giving students a hard time.

Colleges and Internship

There’s also their Colleges tab which I found odd. I mean, they were giving options about colleges with the best food or the most beautiful campuses! Yikes. I know I’m not the smartest kid but I believe we have to choose colleges based on the courses and education they offer, not about aesthetics or food.

They also have this internship tab but almost everything is full and would make you feel as if you do not belong to the site at all. It was really sad.

Tutors aren’t around

And get this: I checked their Tutors tab. It says there that tutors are around 24/7, and they’d be there to answer your questions. I clicked the bubbles, signed up (Again!), and waited for a tutor to answer me. At first, connection was slow, but the person on the other end greeted me. But when I answered back, she just wasn’t there anymore—and I could not connect again. It was such a hassle.

Never Going Back

I really don’t think the site helped me at all. Maybe it was able to help others out and that’s good, but as for me…I don’t think I’d ever check the site out again. I might just go look for something else instead. I don’t really think it’s right for any website to treat potential customers that way.

And as for me, I won’t be checking out Chegg again soon. Now goes the search for another homework help program then.

The Best Sites to Get Homework Answers

The Best Sites to Get Homework Answers

Studying is tough, especially if you are having a hard time catching up with the lessons. If you need help with your homework and there is no one to help you out, don’t worry because you can find experts online. There are a lot of websites that assist students like you with their homework. Here are some of them:

The site connects students and experts. All you have to do is post your question online and wait for the experts or tutors to post their answers. These answers usually come with explanations and step-by-step solutions so you can understand the details better. It is not unusual to be presented with lots of different answers. It is up to you which one you would like to purchase depending on your budget or price range.

When you ask questions, you have an option to assign the amount that you are willing to pay. Don’t worry about being accused as a cheater or plagiarizer. This site does not support cheating and plagiarism. It is a tutoring platform that offers step-by-step explanations on a variety of topics to help students like you study and understand their lessons and subjects better. They do not tolerate posting of solutions that are plagiarized and do not have relevant context. covers a wide range of categories, so it is highly unlikely to not get the answer that you need. However, in case you really can’t find your category, you can choose one that is closest or most similar to it. If you are worried that your questions can be seen by random people on the Internet, don’t worry because you can change your settings and make your questions private for no additional charges.

What’s more, you can even get paid to ask questions and get a refund in case you are not satisfied with the answer that you got. You can earn a percentage whenever your answer is “bought” more than three times. You will get to earn more money by asking more questions. With regard to the money-back guarantee, you can get a full refund within 36 hours. Just make sure that you notify the website as soon as possible. is another popular site for getting homework answers. It is highly popular among high school and college kids. Here, you can access solutions and answers to different questions. You can also contact tutors any time of the day. You can have one-on-one sessions so you can understand your lessons much better and never get lost in the concepts again. You can even test your knowledge through the use of flashcards.

It is an interactive place for learning. There is a need for you to download anything. You can easily upload documents and files, as well as communicate with your tutor via chat, video, and audio. The experts will help you solve complicated math problems and even correct your grammar in your essays. If you have a busy schedule and you are always on the go, you can also request for live lessons at your most convenient hour.

Finally, there is Although not as popular as the two sites mentioned above, you can still use it to find answers to your homework questions. They have scholars who can immediately assist you with your subjects. You can review the past ratings of these scholars so you can determine whether or not you want to work with them. You only get to pay once your homework is done correctly.

Don’t worry because you will get your homework done before the deadline. However, you may not find the site as interactive and convenient as it only provides chat support. You can only communicate with your tutor via online chat. This can be a hassle if you need to discuss your lessons further. You may also experience some difficulty if you need to view the solutions as they are taught to you.


My Review of School Solver

The Best Things about School Solver.


Don’t want to read the whole thing? Here is the summary:

School Solver is the best place to get homework answers on the internet. You can’t find a better and more secure site on the internet.


While I do excel in some of my subjects at school, there are certain subjects that I find too difficult. The homework for these subjects eat up too much of my time. More often than not, I run out of time, so I settle for any answers that instantly pop into my mind. It was a relief when I found out about https:/

SchoolSolver is a marketplace of homework questions, answers, and projects. This also gives those who are interested an opportunity to earn by answering other students’ queries. It offers a variety of topics for many kinds of students. You can ask a simple math question or a basic science formula. You can also throw in questions about complex subjects, such as accountancy or engineering.

Asking a question is easy. The website has a simple interface that will allow you to navigate and find what you want without any hassle. You must first register before you can begin posting your questions, though. The answers will be given by registered members as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

The site also has a money-back guarantee. It states that when a user gets an incorrect answer or he/she is not satisfied with the answer, the user can notify within 36 hours of purchase. A full refund will be given after they have looked and assessed your problem.

This refund policy is a strong statement that the people behind the site are confident about the answers that they sell. As a user, this helps in boosting my trust that they will never let me down when it comes to my homework.

How does it work?

Upon logging in, you can post your question or upload your homework. You will indicate how much you are willing to pay for the answer. Other registered users and tutors will then post their answers, along with the asking price that they want for such. You may get multiple answers with different price quotes. After that, you can now purchase the answer that you can afford.

If you are finding it hard to choose the most suitable answer, you can click on the profile of the author of the answer. This way, you can see the author’s ratings and read the feedback of those who have previously bought his/her answers. You can also opt to have a preview of the answers that you are considering to buy. This way, you can be certain that the length matches the requirement of your homework.

The best thing about School Solver, aside from its simple user interface, is the elimination of the bidding process, which is the typical setup for similar websites. This makes it easier for students that who have budget constraints to manage their money.

You can also choose to assign your question to a specific tutor. This feature works perfectly for those with complex projects and want their questions to be answered by the tutors whom they have already bought answers from in the past.

School Saver submits all answers to a plagiarism checker site before making these available to their clients. This is your assurance that you will get original answers to your homework.


schoolsolver review

Coursemerit Review A Review


Here is the summary:

Coursemerit is good if you find the answers to your question already on the site. If you need to pay someone to do your homework though, School Solver is much better.


What is It is a website that provides virtual tutorials of more than 30 subjects (including Math, Science, Chemistry, History, Physics, Engineering and others) to students all over the world. The goal of the company is to help students learn by providing answers to questions or solutions to computation problems at the fastest time possible with minimal effort and cost.


How is this done? The process is simple. The student would simply post his question, wait for the responses of the tutors, and then choose from the available answers. Around 20% of the answer would be previewed, and if the student is satisfied with the partial solution shown and the price, then he can purchase the solution. After payment has been done, the complete solution would be provided to him.


Most of the time, more than one tutor would submit the answer. These solutions would not be charged to the student. The only time he would pay is when he has decided on a particular solution that he liked from the selection. A PayPal account is needed to do the transaction.


What if a visitor to the webpage knows the answer to a question posted on the webpage? He can answer that question himself and earn from it, that is, if the poster of the question would choose his answer and pay for that.


Although this looks like a great deal, it has many drawbacks, too. Here are some areas of that need improvement.


Quality of tutors. Even if only a small fraction of the answer is given at first, one can easily assess that some of the tutors are not really qualified to answer the question. Most have poor grammar. Others have just copied (word for word) from the internet. Some would just provide the answers only and not the tutorials or the concept of the lesson. Some tutors seem to forget that the most important thing is for the students to learn and not just to have the answer or computation to their assignment or project.


Fees. The average cost ranges from $20-40. This is already considered as expensive especially since many students are working part time only. Still, some tutors charge so much for their answers. There are solutions that are priced at $60-100 per question. Only a limited number of students can afford these prices.


Refunds. The company promises refunds with ease, but in reality, it would take several attempts of explanation why the student is not satisfied with the purchase hence the request for refund. The problem lies in the complexity of measuring if the answer of the tutor is correct and complete. It would be hard and time-consuming to prove that the solution or answer of the tutor is not satisfactory.


Delivery of the solutions. Assignments have deadlines. There are instances when some assignments are not answered on the time requested. This could be stressful to the student especially when the date of the submission of the assignment is almost at hand. However, this is not yet the worse scenario. There are times when assignments are left unanswered. This means that there are no guarantees that one’s assignment would be answered on the time needed or if it would even be answered at all.


The verdict? could help students find solutions to their school assignment or projects faster compared when they do the research themselves. However, it could also impede their learning especially when the tutors are not doing their part of the deal properly. The budget is an area of consideration also. The best thing that the student can do is to choose carefully the answer, the tutor and the budget before purchase is made. That way, there would be no regrets and no need for a refund.