MCAT – No seat available? “None Available?” I had this problem as well

While registering for my mcat exam last fall I had the unfortunate circumstance of having to reschedule due to a family emergency and had to change my spot at the last minute. I thought I could just use the appointment rescheduling feature on the mcat website however this turned out to not be the case because of two reasons:

  1. I live in a big city (think SF) and when i went to go sign up for the spots I wanted the mcat website would say ” None Available”. 🙁
  2. living in a big city there were plenty of testing centers but using the appointment rescheduling feature your limited to a certain amount of appointment requests.

With these two restrictions I figured I would just go ahead and monitor the site daily until something worked in my favor. Unfortunately after 3 weeks nothing had happened. None of the spots I was interested in changed from “None Available” and on top of that twice a spot had opened up in my appointment requests however by the time I woke up the next morning I was unable to get the spot because it was already gone. I felt at this point i could no longer bank on waiting for people to drop their seats.

To solve my problem I ended up using MCAT RESCHEDULER. They solved both my problems in the sense that they could monitor all the spots I needed and if a spot opened up they would be able to grab it for me. It worked out great and after 2 weeks they were able to get me the spot I needed.

Hopefully this will help out some people who also have a family emergency, don’t feel ready for the exam, who are in low key panic mode, etc.

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