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Corrupt-My-File: The Simplest Way to Corrupt Your Files Online

While corrupting a file is often regarded to be dreadful, sometimes corrupting a file can be for a momentous reason. For instance, one could be late with a report at work, and corrupting a file could just be one of the best ways to dupe the supervisor into believing that the work had been done to completion, only that the file has been corrupted. Maybe you had a lot going down over the holidays and you have not been able to complete an assignment within the stipulated time. Sending the corrupted files to the lecturer could just be a savior and provide you with more time to handle the assignment. 

Whatever the case can be, Corrupt-My-File is a free Web App that is designed to corrupt uploaded files and avails the corrupted files as a download. To corrupt a file, go to and upload the file you would wish to corrupt using the command prompt as illustrated below:

The key features of the Web App include:

  • Can corrupt any type of file – excel, word documents, mp3, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Absolutely free to use – no registration charges required
  • There is no limit to the size of the files that can be uploaded
  • User friendly interface
  • Files are deleted after upload
  • Fast and convenient

MCAT – No seat available? “None Available?” I had this problem as well

While registering for my mcat exam last fall I had the unfortunate circumstance of having to reschedule due to a family emergency and had to change my spot at the last minute. I thought I could just use the appointment rescheduling feature on the mcat website however this turned out to not be the case because of two reasons:

  1. I live in a big city (think SF) and when i went to go sign up for the spots I wanted the mcat website would say ” None Available”. 🙁
  2. living in a big city there were plenty of testing centers but using the appointment rescheduling feature your limited to a certain amount of appointment requests.

With these two restrictions I figured I would just go ahead and monitor the site daily until something worked in my favor. Unfortunately after 3 weeks nothing had happened. None of the spots I was interested in changed from “None Available” and on top of that twice a spot had opened up in my appointment requests however by the time I woke up the next morning I was unable to get the spot because it was already gone. I felt at this point i could no longer bank on waiting for people to drop their seats.

To solve my problem I ended up using MCAT RESCHEDULER. They solved both my problems in the sense that they could monitor all the spots I needed and if a spot opened up they would be able to grab it for me. It worked out great and after 2 weeks they were able to get me the spot I needed.

Hopefully this will help out some people who also have a family emergency, don’t feel ready for the exam, who are in low key panic mode, etc.