Pros and Cons of Paying Someone to Do your School Project

A lot of students all over the world do this for one main reason: convenience. Why burden yourself if you can get away with it, right? This issue is a matter of student etiquette versus practicality. Should you consider paying someone to do your school project?

These pros and cons can help you decide.


  1. Increased chance of delivering excellent output – Getting a high grade might mean your future, so why risk it if you are not confident about your knowledge and abilities? Seek help today and do your best later when nothing much is at stake.
  2. More free time for other important matters – Beating a deadline for a school project is almost impossible if you are also preparing for an exam while holding a part-time job. Remember that you also have other important things to do with your family. Paying someone to do your school project allows you to focus on reviewing your lessons and other important stuff.
  3. Reduced, or complete avoidance, of stress – If professionals pay people to do some of their tasks at work and pay pampering services to relieve themselves of stress, why cannot you do the same?
  4. Quality output that you can use later on – Doing this is like paying someone to show you what to do and how to do it. This is helpful later on because you can learn a lot from the professionals.


  1. Missed opportunity to learn hands on – Doing a school project by yourself could have provided you with an opportunity to learn and practice what you learn. Getting good grades does not necessarily get you new information and skills.
  2. Complacency – Relying on other people for your school projects often may lead to complacency. This is not a good trait if you are in a competitive world, like when you already need to work after studying.
  3. Risky – Although a project you pay for is presumably original, there is still a risk of plagiarism, especially if you contract an individual freelancer, not a company.

So, speaking of risky, how can you avoid it? The best tip is to order your school project from a credible company. These three companies should be in your list of options.


The website offers flexibility when it comes to accepting and giving answers for school projects.

The student or “answer seeker” can post his question or topic on the dashboard for the tutor members and registered “answer givers” to answer. They will start bidding and pitching ideas, and whoever the student picks, will get the contract. Hence, he decides how much he is willing to pay for a particular school project.

The only bad thing about this website is the lack of standard pricing. Nevertheless, you can use this to your advantage once you learn how bidding works.


The website is more complicated than The prices also tend to be a bit higher as the website takes a 25% cut of what the tutor gets.

The procedure here is basically the same with where a bidding system is necessary. The only difference is that it covers more subject matters and topics.


Prices here are considerably higher than the first two, but the processes are smoother and clearer. Still there is a trade off in that you have no idea the quality of the paper your going to get. Schoolsolver is a better choice.

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