How to Corrupt an Excel File Using

All people have deadlines to meet, whether it’s for work or school. While the degree of workload and due date may vary from one Excel spreadsheet to another, one thing is for sure: People need to spend a specific amount of time to accomplish those reports in front of the computer. And whether they like it or not, there are also a lot of personal things to attend to aside from these reports, which can contribute to the delay or failure of submission.

The situation mentioned above is one main reason why people choose to corrupt a file. With a lot of urgent deadlines to beat and personal needs to meet, 24 hours seem not enough to accomplish all these things. With that, it’s sometimes unavoidable to submit a corrupted file to the boss so that one can still have an extra time to complete the actual work before the boss requests for another submission of the same file.

When it comes to corrupting a file, there are a lot of ways to do it. One is by infecting the file with a virus. However, this is not an advisable way of corrupting the file as the virus may affect other files and software stored in the computer. Another is through sudden power failure by using PCs without UPS or uninterruptible power supply. When the computer shuts down instantly after experiencing power failure, Excel files will also close without being saved, thus making them inaccessible or corrupted after the restart. Yet one other option is by using an online tool for corrupting a file. This is where sites like comes in.

How effective is in corrupting files? It can corrupt any file type (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and even MP3s) provided that the file should have sounds or text in it. Empty files cannot be corrupted. The site executes the process by running the original file into a unique command series, which turns it into a realistic corrupted version.

Here’s how to corrupt files in 3 easy steps using

Step 1: Select the file you want to corrupt.

Step 2: Drag and drop it to the icon below that’s found on the site’s homepage.fgdfg


Step 3: Download and send it to the chosen recipient. That’s it! Now you can work on the extra time to finish the actual file while waiting for the recipient’s request to submit the same file.



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