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Is homework market legit?

Homework Market — Disappointing

As students, we all find that sometimes we need help with our homework. Whether it is hard-to-understand questions or concepts that are too difficult for our brains to wrap around, each student needs help every once in a while. Homework Market is a website which allows users to submit their homework problems or questions and get answers from other users around the world. It is a tool that connects students with each other so they may be able to assist each other with their homework.

If you ask me, “Is Homework Market legit?” Here is my answer:

My experience with this website, however, was not very good because the interface looks unprofessional, the answers for each of the questions were not good, and the site offered no refunds for the answers that were purchased.

The user interface of the website looked extremely unprofessional. The background was plain white and the text and links did not look pleasing to the eye. There was also a pop-up chat that made noises unexpectedly, and the people in the chat did not act professionally. In addition, it was difficult to navigate the site because the site prioritized links from its users and the chat than actually explaining what the website was all about.

In addition, random users would open a private chat with you, hoping you would buy answers from them. All in all, it was extremely unprofessional and frankly quite irritating.

The answers for the questions were also subpar. For essays and other questions in English, the answers were done in broken English and some of it was unintelligible. These answers do not meet any academic standard and are not worth the money being paid for these answers. Furthermore, these users providing answers have no credentials and cannot be relied upon.

The site offered no refunds for the answers that were purchased. This means that users who would like to purchase answers have no guarantee that the answers they purchase are correct. If users purchased a wrong answer, the site will not refund them — which means users would have wasted their money on a fraudulent answer.

All in all, the site doesn’t provide quality service to its users. Aside from the website itself being not pleasing to the eye, the answers weren’t of good quality, and it offered no refunds. People looking for answers for their homework are better off looking at other sites because there is no guarantee that users will be able to get their questions answered using this site.

So, to answer the question, “Is Homework Market legit?

Definitely not.

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It isn’t sly at all. This is simply the system working in your favor for once so you shouldn’t feel bad for using the loophole. Personally, I find that tutors answer my questions faster when my queries mention that they’re also asked in Course Hero. This is because research time will be virtually eliminated for them and they will still provide you personalized answers injected with extra quality from Course Hero.

My study pool review

Below is my experience of asking a question on


Studypool? StudyBAH

After trying (and failing) to answer even a single question on an exercise set on integral calculus, I decided to try and look for help online. I hunted around Google until I stumbled upon It looked nice and promising enough, so with a hopeful heart, I opened it.

The site needed to be refreshed repeatedly before it would open. When it did, I clicked the big “Ask a Question” box, which then asked me to sign up. I chose the easy route and clicked “Log in with Facebook”. It took several tries (the browser kept redirecting me towards the error page), and then, it said I was banned! I’ve never used this site before and I was banned! It said that I had to settle my account because my “time limit had expired” and that my “account would be locked” until I “take an action.” What?! I pressed “Ok.” I hunted around the page for a while and then found out this wasn’t my account at all but someone named Aurelia. I don’t even know anyone with that name, so I logged out and tried to sign up again with Facebook, but the same thing happened. So I logged out a second time and signed up with my email account instead, verified it, and got redirected to my Dashboard.

Feeling as though I’ve won a major battle, I clicked the Ask Questions button. There were three main boxes on the page, and the top two asked for a title and a category. The third lower box was the biggest, and it had several formatting options, so I assumed it was where the main question should be asked. I attached a picture of my exercise and clicked the next step. The next page was called “Question Settings” – where you choose a tutor tier, budget, and deadline. My question seemed simple enough, and the lowest tutor tier, Standard, already promised both an answer and an explanation, so I went with it. I inputted my budget (although it was supposed to be free, it had a minimum requirement of $1.00) and delivery time (I chose the smallest – 1 hour). The question was posted and I was notified that my question was being matched to a tutor, and that it could take 15 minutes. I decided to eat while waiting for an answer.

Over an hour later, nothing had happened. There were supposed to be bids to answer my question, but there was none. I checked out the tutors’ pages and reviews. Apparently, I should have tried a higher bid even for such a simple question, so I raised it. I finally got one bid and hurriedly confirmed my tutor, opted to pay through PayPal, and waited for the answer.

I guess I fell asleep. I woke up to go to school the next morning, but the answer still wasn’t there. Finally, six hours after the supposed deadline (while I was in class!), my question was answered.

It wasn’t good at all.

Okay, to be fair, the numbers were answered, although I’m not sure if they’re correct (I doubt it). The solutions were severely lacking, and there were no explanations at all! The numbers and steps seemed to just magically evolve and merge for no logical reason. Two numbers did not even have a single line of solution.

And I thought: this is it. What a horrible service.

Studypool said that my payments would only be finalized once I was 100% satisfied with their service, but I was not satisfied at all. I paid, so I had balance to pay my tutor with, but I am not happy with this experience and I wanted my money back. I’ve written them a letter, but as of date, they have not yet replied.