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Make Money Doing Homework

Make money doing homework

It may sound a little unusual to go back to school as a way to make a decent income, but what if you didn’t have to go back to class, just do your homework? Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Just like when you were back in school, there’s still plenty of student’s that need a little extra help. It may just be one problem on a math assignment, or a student that needs in-depth tutoring in history. Regardless of the situation many students still need help from time to time and are willing to pay a decent amount of cash for it.

With the rise of the freelance market, websites such as School Solver and Student Lance are showing people how it’s possible to supplement your income from home by helping students with their challenges. If you were one of those students, that might consider this work as “cheating.” You have other options such as editing or tutoring students via webinars.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how do these site’s work and how do torturers get paid? Below you’ll find three great website’s that do just that.

School Solver

How it works

Simply type your question in the search bar and another user will answer your questions while providing step by step examples for an affordable price. To purchase these tutorials, you must first create an account with School Solver; this will provide you access to their secure payment portal, known as Wallet.

Student Lance

How it works

Before using Student Lance, you must create a free account. This requires basic information such as your name and email. This is so that they can keep you updated with your question. Questions are posted by students and tutors have the luxury of searching through them and answering requests as they see fit. Once a tutor has answered your request, you’ll be notified through email. When posting a question you have the option of stating how much you are willing to spend. If you have a more common question, you can search through existing request, to find your answer.

Tag Tutor

How it works

Tagtutor another industry leader in online tutoring, assignments, and problem sets. Unlike other homework solutions sites, Tagtutor is a collaboration of expert writers who have a minimum six years or higher of academic experience in their field.

Students can gain assistance in 4 categories of help: Assignment Help, Homework Assistance, Online Tutoring, and Writing Help by just creating a free account, submitting their task, reviewed by experts, making a payment, and finding their solution.

Comparing Payment Options

When evaluating these site’s payment options School Solver and Student Lance are in the same ballpark. With students posting questions or uploading projects, they will have to mention their budget and how much they are willing to pay. The tutors then will post their answers and quote a price, claiming the amount of time and effort put into a reply. This produces a bidding war, making sure each party is getting the best price possible.

Where Tagtutor separates itself from the competition is with their simple and straightforward payment plan. With students paying per hour for a vast library of tools, instead of being confirmed to niche industries and topics.

Bottom Line

If you love learning and helping other people succeed, you’re school days might not be over!