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Chegg Homework Help Review – Not the best place

The Problem with Chegg Homework Help


I’ll admit it’s not so easy for me to do my homework without getting help somewhere else. I’m not really good at expressing myself, and to be honest, I’d rather ask online sites for help because I know they’d put me on the right track.

So when I found Chegg Homework Help, I was quite excited. I thought it would be able to answer all the questions I had, especially since I’m having a hard time with Literature and Math right now.

Unnecessary Categories

Well, I opened their website (chegg.homework/questions-and-answers) and I saw that there were four categories: Science, Math, Engineering, and Business. I was floored. Right then and there, I thought about my literary questions and that maybe, they wouldn’t be answered. Nonetheless, I ended up typing a question.

Unanswered Questions

Basically, I asked the site if it could review Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. Well, the results only showed eBook copies of the novel—which were not really what I needed. After all, I’ve read the book—I just did not get what it’s about, and that’s why I was looking for answers. I scrolled down, and still nothing. Copies of Tuesdays with Morrie showed up, and again, I was not looking for something to read—or buy.

This really turned me off, but nonetheless, I persisted and still tried to use the website. Maybe, it’s good for something, I thought. I clicked Math, and I asked the site to tell me something about square roots. You know what happened? Well, questions and answers about gold triangles, notation, and power showed up on screen. I was getting really pissed at this point. I mean, I asked such a simple question just to see what the site knows and I get irrelevant answers??? How could they think they’d be able to help students out with misleading answers? It was such a letdown.

Prep? What Prep?

Anyway, I also checked their SAT Prep and ACT Test Prep tab, and well, I had to go through an extensive signing-up process that made me feel as if they were just doing it for the money with little to no thought of helping me and others in similar situations. What kind of website does that? I hate how they say they’re around to help students, especially with SAT/ACT, but in reality, they’re giving students a hard time.

Colleges and Internship

There’s also their Colleges tab which I found odd. I mean, they were giving options about colleges with the best food or the most beautiful campuses! Yikes. I know I’m not the smartest kid but I believe we have to choose colleges based on the courses and education they offer, not about aesthetics or food.

They also have this internship tab but almost everything is full and would make you feel as if you do not belong to the site at all. It was really sad.

Tutors aren’t around

And get this: I checked their Tutors tab. It says there that tutors are around 24/7, and they’d be there to answer your questions. I clicked the bubbles, signed up (Again!), and waited for a tutor to answer me. At first, connection was slow, but the person on the other end greeted me. But when I answered back, she just wasn’t there anymore—and I could not connect again. It was such a hassle.

Never Going Back

I really don’t think the site helped me at all. Maybe it was able to help others out and that’s good, but as for me…I don’t think I’d ever check the site out again. I might just go look for something else instead. I don’t really think it’s right for any website to treat potential customers that way.

And as for me, I won’t be checking out Chegg again soon. Now goes the search for another homework help program then.