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Coursemerit Review A Review


Here is the summary:

Coursemerit is good if you find the answers to your question already on the site. If you need to pay someone to do your homework though, School Solver is much better.


What is It is a website that provides virtual tutorials of more than 30 subjects (including Math, Science, Chemistry, History, Physics, Engineering and others) to students all over the world. The goal of the company is to help students learn by providing answers to questions or solutions to computation problems at the fastest time possible with minimal effort and cost.


How is this done? The process is simple. The student would simply post his question, wait for the responses of the tutors, and then choose from the available answers. Around 20% of the answer would be previewed, and if the student is satisfied with the partial solution shown and the price, then he can purchase the solution. After payment has been done, the complete solution would be provided to him.


Most of the time, more than one tutor would submit the answer. These solutions would not be charged to the student. The only time he would pay is when he has decided on a particular solution that he liked from the selection. A PayPal account is needed to do the transaction.


What if a visitor to the webpage knows the answer to a question posted on the webpage? He can answer that question himself and earn from it, that is, if the poster of the question would choose his answer and pay for that.


Although this looks like a great deal, it has many drawbacks, too. Here are some areas of that need improvement.


Quality of tutors. Even if only a small fraction of the answer is given at first, one can easily assess that some of the tutors are not really qualified to answer the question. Most have poor grammar. Others have just copied (word for word) from the internet. Some would just provide the answers only and not the tutorials or the concept of the lesson. Some tutors seem to forget that the most important thing is for the students to learn and not just to have the answer or computation to their assignment or project.


Fees. The average cost ranges from $20-40. This is already considered as expensive especially since many students are working part time only. Still, some tutors charge so much for their answers. There are solutions that are priced at $60-100 per question. Only a limited number of students can afford these prices.


Refunds. The company promises refunds with ease, but in reality, it would take several attempts of explanation why the student is not satisfied with the purchase hence the request for refund. The problem lies in the complexity of measuring if the answer of the tutor is correct and complete. It would be hard and time-consuming to prove that the solution or answer of the tutor is not satisfactory.


Delivery of the solutions. Assignments have deadlines. There are instances when some assignments are not answered on the time requested. This could be stressful to the student especially when the date of the submission of the assignment is almost at hand. However, this is not yet the worse scenario. There are times when assignments are left unanswered. This means that there are no guarantees that one’s assignment would be answered on the time needed or if it would even be answered at all.


The verdict? could help students find solutions to their school assignment or projects faster compared when they do the research themselves. However, it could also impede their learning especially when the tutors are not doing their part of the deal properly. The budget is an area of consideration also. The best thing that the student can do is to choose carefully the answer, the tutor and the budget before purchase is made. That way, there would be no regrets and no need for a refund.