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The History and General Definition of Automatic Poem Generation

Poetry is a special cultural heritage that has been around for more than 2,000 years. Its popularity manifests itself in many areas of daily living. For example, artists use poems as a means of expressing emotion, political views, or self-expression. Unlike free language, poems are designed to be elegant, concise, and aesthetic.


Composing poems is a challenging task. This is because you need to follow a set of phonological, semantic, and structural requirements, so only some scholars can master the art to organize or manipulate terms.


The Foundation of Automatic Poem Generation


With the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, computers can now help humans to create poems. They can generate appropriate word combinations from a text corpus.


Programs can now learn, remember, and recognize rules or patterns given by an electronically stored and structured set of texts. Computational intelligence serves as the motivation behind automatic poem generation.


Understanding the Issues in Making Poems


Poetry generation involves regular phonetic and syntactic patterns where metrics, rhyme, rhythm, and other features such as figurative or alliteration language plays a vital role. When it comes to writing poems manually, the poet needs to break some grammar rules that are often used in producing natural language text. The following are the issues that need to be considered:


  • The occurrence of correlated linguistic phenomena that requires the consideration of lexis, semantics, and syntax.
  • The absence of a well-defined tone and message.
  • The need for rich resources to satisfy syntax, semantics, and phonetics


Writing poetic text is a difficult task. You must follow many rules, and at times, break some of them. But, with the use of machine learning and other IT paradigms, creating poems is now a breeze.


The Different Poem Generation Systems



This article presents to you the history, approaches, techniques, categorizations, and goals of automatic poetry generation. It is possible to group the automatic poem generation systems based on the techniques and approaches used:


  • Template-based poetry generation


With this approach, poetry templates are filled with words from a dictionary to fill a set of rhythmic and syntactic constraints. The following are the most notable template-based poetry generation:


  • Poetry Creator
  • ALAMO group


  • Generate and test approaches


For generate and test approaches, random word patterns and sequences are generated based on defined requirements that involve other semantic and formal constraints. The WASP system, Tra-La-Lyrics, and Manurung’s chart system follow this approach.


  • Cased-based reasoning approaches


Poems that are available on the internet are retrieved. The content being taken depends on the set requirements of the user. The retrieve texts are then used to fill the required content. COLIBRI and ASPERA are examples of this technique.


  • Evolutionary approaches


In this approach, the produced output is based on evolutionary computing. Evolutionary computation follows the concepts of genetic inheritance and natural selection. It is suitable for poetry generation, like how authors write poems. Manurung’s McGonagall and POEVOLVE are two systems that are based on the evolutionary approach.




Poems, whether manually or automatically created, must incorporate all the three properties mentioned below:


  • Meaningfulness

The poem must convey a message that is meaningful under certain forms of interpretation.


  • Grammaticality

It must obey linguistic conventions established by a given lexicon and grammar.


  • Poeticness

The poem must manifest poetic features.


Except for the properties, automatic poem generation systems are also classified based on the goals that they are designed to achieve.


  • Word salad

This is the system that connects randomly generated words together. Word salad doesn’t follow any grammatical rules because there are no properties embodied in the generated poem.


  • Template and grammar-based

Words are selected and taken from a certain lexicon to fill the gaps in poem templates.


  • Form-aware

The chosen words are generated based on a pre-defined form, such as the sonnet or the haiku. Form-aware follows metrical rules to accomplish the goals given to it.


  • Poetry generation

The generated poetic texts exhibit all the three properties of poeticness, grammaticality, and meaningfulness.


Final Words


The automatic generation of poems is an interesting and complex technology, for it involves different categorizations and approaches, and several levels of languages. While some of the techniques above rely on pre-defined metrics, others are concerned with semantics and syntax. If you’re interested in trying out an automatic poem generator, visit This website offers a free automatic poem service. It employs statistical approaches to generate, analyze, translate, and provide you a creative composition that is based on your specified poem format.



Pros and Cons of Paying Someone to Do your School Project

A lot of students all over the world do this for one main reason: convenience. Why burden yourself if you can get away with it, right? This issue is a matter of student etiquette versus practicality. Should you consider paying someone to do your school project?

These pros and cons can help you decide.


  1. Increased chance of delivering excellent output – Getting a high grade might mean your future, so why risk it if you are not confident about your knowledge and abilities? Seek help today and do your best later when nothing much is at stake.
  2. More free time for other important matters – Beating a deadline for a school project is almost impossible if you are also preparing for an exam while holding a part-time job. Remember that you also have other important things to do with your family. Paying someone to do your school project allows you to focus on reviewing your lessons and other important stuff.
  3. Reduced, or complete avoidance, of stress – If professionals pay people to do some of their tasks at work and pay pampering services to relieve themselves of stress, why cannot you do the same?
  4. Quality output that you can use later on – Doing this is like paying someone to show you what to do and how to do it. This is helpful later on because you can learn a lot from the professionals.


  1. Missed opportunity to learn hands on – Doing a school project by yourself could have provided you with an opportunity to learn and practice what you learn. Getting good grades does not necessarily get you new information and skills.
  2. Complacency – Relying on other people for your school projects often may lead to complacency. This is not a good trait if you are in a competitive world, like when you already need to work after studying.
  3. Risky – Although a project you pay for is presumably original, there is still a risk of plagiarism, especially if you contract an individual freelancer, not a company.

So, speaking of risky, how can you avoid it? The best tip is to order your school project from a credible company. These three companies should be in your list of options.


The website offers flexibility when it comes to accepting and giving answers for school projects.

The student or “answer seeker” can post his question or topic on the dashboard for the tutor members and registered “answer givers” to answer. They will start bidding and pitching ideas, and whoever the student picks, will get the contract. Hence, he decides how much he is willing to pay for a particular school project.

The only bad thing about this website is the lack of standard pricing. Nevertheless, you can use this to your advantage once you learn how bidding works.


The website is more complicated than The prices also tend to be a bit higher as the website takes a 25% cut of what the tutor gets.

The procedure here is basically the same with where a bidding system is necessary. The only difference is that it covers more subject matters and topics.


Prices here are considerably higher than the first two, but the processes are smoother and clearer. Still there is a trade off in that you have no idea the quality of the paper your going to get. Schoolsolver is a better choice.

How to Corrupt an Excel File Using

All people have deadlines to meet, whether it’s for work or school. While the degree of workload and due date may vary from one Excel spreadsheet to another, one thing is for sure: People need to spend a specific amount of time to accomplish those reports in front of the computer. And whether they like it or not, there are also a lot of personal things to attend to aside from these reports, which can contribute to the delay or failure of submission.

The situation mentioned above is one main reason why people choose to corrupt a file. With a lot of urgent deadlines to beat and personal needs to meet, 24 hours seem not enough to accomplish all these things. With that, it’s sometimes unavoidable to submit a corrupted file to the boss so that one can still have an extra time to complete the actual work before the boss requests for another submission of the same file.

When it comes to corrupting a file, there are a lot of ways to do it. One is by infecting the file with a virus. However, this is not an advisable way of corrupting the file as the virus may affect other files and software stored in the computer. Another is through sudden power failure by using PCs without UPS or uninterruptible power supply. When the computer shuts down instantly after experiencing power failure, Excel files will also close without being saved, thus making them inaccessible or corrupted after the restart. Yet one other option is by using an online tool for corrupting a file. This is where sites like comes in.

How effective is in corrupting files? It can corrupt any file type (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and even MP3s) provided that the file should have sounds or text in it. Empty files cannot be corrupted. The site executes the process by running the original file into a unique command series, which turns it into a realistic corrupted version.

Here’s how to corrupt files in 3 easy steps using

Step 1: Select the file you want to corrupt.

Step 2: Drag and drop it to the icon below that’s found on the site’s homepage.fgdfg


Step 3: Download and send it to the chosen recipient. That’s it! Now you can work on the extra time to finish the actual file while waiting for the recipient’s request to submit the same file.



How to corrupt a word file

Corrupt a File Tutorial: Four Steps on How to Corrupt a Word File On purpose

Is your deadline too tight? Are you hesitant to ask your boss for an extension? Let’s say that you’re supposed to submit a 5-page long report using Microsoft Word due within an hour. Because of unavoidable circumstances, you’re only done with a page.

In such a case, a clever solution is to learn how to corrupt a Word file. Make your boss think that you finished the report. To remain on his good side, make him think that you’ve done your part. The problem’s out of your hands now.

Corrupting a Word file is virtually effortless! Less than a minute can be all it takes. With a ready file, along with a speedy internet connection, you can have a corrupted file immediately.

At the notification of a corrupted Word file, your lenient boss might kindly give you a deadline extension. He won’t suspect a thing!

Just follow the four easy steps on how to corrupt a Word file on purpose.


Step # 1: On your browser, go to


How to corrupt a word file
How to corrupt a word file


Step # 2: Select a Word file that you want to be corrupted. You can upload a Word file FROM YOUR COMPUTER, your phone, or anywhere else on your market.


Step # 3: Click CORRUPT FILE and wait for the file to upload. Once its converted you can download it.


Pay Me to do your Homework Review


Most reviews out there just say senseless things, but this Pay Me To Do Your Homework review will make a difference. If you have ever heard of the company Pay Me To Do Your Homework, a writing outfit from New York, then you would have heard that it “guarantees” homeworks done within a day or two, and the subjects are easily handled by the experts in the company.

Founded by Jessica Mott, Pay Me To Do Your Homework claims to work on your behalf to do your assignments in several subjects, such as mathematics, science, history, literature, and computer. These subjects are considered major tracts in the curriculum. Hence, professors will more likely require you to submit papers in these subjects. Check out their websites and you will be amazed at the number of specific topics they could work on. For individual assignments they charge $20, but for online courses they charge $45. They price is not too much, but only if the experts can do their jobs the way they promised in the company’s website. This Pay Me To Do Your Homework review hopes to enlighten you.

I have tried both services: the assignment and the tutorial. I’m pretty bad in literature, as it is not my favorite subject. I enrolled and the company gave me modules to work on and for the assignments in my real class, they were more than willing to do my homework.

They were quick in doing my assignment, and I cannot say anything negative about the company, deadlines-wise. They also followed the instructions from my professor to a T, and I will be grateful for that. One thing I do not like about the way they write the homework is that they do not think about the student. They write the way a professional does, which is unrealistic for most of us. Professors know how to spot work that isn’t ours, and if they deduce that knowledge with the words used and the style reflected in the homework, then it’s as good as NOT submitting the homework.

The homework should at least look and sound as if WE wrote the document, and not some expert from Pay Me To Do Your Homework.

Another thing about the tutorials: The classes are good, and for a time I was able to cope with the discussions and the material. But again, the tutorial should help students understand complicated lessons. Sometimes, the instructors at Pay Me To Do Your Homework go overboard and forget the levels of the students enrolled. They use too many technical terms and just keep prattling on in the videos. Sometimes I couldn’t even understand the words themselves. It could have been better if the class materials have been tailor-made for each student. After all, not all students share the same cognitive ability.

This Pay Me To Do Your Homework review also hopes to enlighten students to think twice before seeking the service of the company in question. Find other writing companies and get a higher grade in your exams. Trust those instructors who can teach you in a simpler manner.

Is using chegg answers cheating?

Is Using Chegg Answers and Chegg Homework Considered Cheating?

Students of this generation are considered lucky, thanks to the omnipresence of the Internet. Studying has been made easier through available online references. Going to libraries for research has become a distant memory in the past, thanks to the ever-reliable Web. Learning has become much more convenient since the dawn of the Internet age.

Even tutorials, solutions manuals, and various help services are all offered online, such as the California-based company Chegg. Thanks to Chegg’s solutions textbooks and manuals, you can now nail that complicated math problem or that tough equation without sweating it out. Just one click away and voila, you get instant answers to your troublesome homework.

However, one may argue about the legality of using such solutions manuals being offered by companies like Chegg. So is Chegg cheating? Is the use of these solutions textbooks outright cheating?

While the use of solutions manuals as a form of cheating is still debatable to some extent, you can ask yourself the following questions below to know if you are being a cheater!

  1. Is it stated in the school policy?

If the use of solutions manuals is stated as an offense and considered cheating in the school policy, then you will likely be in trouble if you are caught using one. There is no arguing if it is written and clearly stated in the policy.

However, while some schools state in their handbooks the use of such solutions textbooks as an offense, some school policies are still vague on this issue. If this is the case, you can actually ask your professors if they will allow the use of these materials or not. The use of solutions manuals is quite common today. Some professors may allow it in class; others may not so it is still best to ask first to avoid trouble.

  1. How is the material used?

With the absence of clear school policies to determine the answer to the question, “Is Chegg cheating?” it then boils down to the context and how one uses the material.

If these manuals are used to come up with a solution without completely understanding how it was done, then it can be considered cheating. As Merriam-Webster defines cheating, it is “to use unfair or dishonest methods to gain an advantage.” You are then cheating in the sense that you are being dishonest to yourself to gain an advantage, since you never learned how the problem was solved and only did so to pass the class.

Furthermore, it is also considered plagiarizing if you will just copy the exact solution and claim it as your own. Since you never learned and just opted to “copy” the answer, more likely you will not reword and write the solution as it is, resulting to plagiarism.

On the contrary, if it is used as a mere guide to help you better understand the problem and actually try to solve it, then you are not cheating but instead learning. Remember that homework is actually given to see how you understand a lesson and for you to practice what you have learned. In the end, it all comes down to responsible use of the given materials.

Whether is Chegg cheating or not, one must remember that these solutions manuals being offered are a handy tool that can either help you grow or hold you back as an individual. In the end, it is not the grade that matters most, but the understanding of these important lessons one has learned during his stay in the academy. As the saying goes, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

Is homework market legit?

Homework Market — Disappointing

As students, we all find that sometimes we need help with our homework. Whether it is hard-to-understand questions or concepts that are too difficult for our brains to wrap around, each student needs help every once in a while. Homework Market is a website which allows users to submit their homework problems or questions and get answers from other users around the world. It is a tool that connects students with each other so they may be able to assist each other with their homework.

If you ask me, “Is Homework Market legit?” Here is my answer:

My experience with this website, however, was not very good because the interface looks unprofessional, the answers for each of the questions were not good, and the site offered no refunds for the answers that were purchased.

The user interface of the website looked extremely unprofessional. The background was plain white and the text and links did not look pleasing to the eye. There was also a pop-up chat that made noises unexpectedly, and the people in the chat did not act professionally. In addition, it was difficult to navigate the site because the site prioritized links from its users and the chat than actually explaining what the website was all about.

In addition, random users would open a private chat with you, hoping you would buy answers from them. All in all, it was extremely unprofessional and frankly quite irritating.

The answers for the questions were also subpar. For essays and other questions in English, the answers were done in broken English and some of it was unintelligible. These answers do not meet any academic standard and are not worth the money being paid for these answers. Furthermore, these users providing answers have no credentials and cannot be relied upon.

The site offered no refunds for the answers that were purchased. This means that users who would like to purchase answers have no guarantee that the answers they purchase are correct. If users purchased a wrong answer, the site will not refund them — which means users would have wasted their money on a fraudulent answer.

All in all, the site doesn’t provide quality service to its users. Aside from the website itself being not pleasing to the eye, the answers weren’t of good quality, and it offered no refunds. People looking for answers for their homework are better off looking at other sites because there is no guarantee that users will be able to get their questions answered using this site.

So, to answer the question, “Is Homework Market legit?

Definitely not.

Get Free Coursehero Solutions

Coursehero For Less

Need to know how to get coursehero solutions on the cheap? Read below


Being a student is tough, but nothing brings out the best in us like a good education. This is why despite the costs and the mental toll, we push on—fighting exams, beating deadlines, and extending our limits. It’s both fun and hard at the same time.


Sometimes, though, we find ourselves stuck on a project, struggling for an assignment, or flat out incapable of learning a new lesson. This is where Coursehero ( comes in with all its resources to help us learn and finish our school tasks. This online service is perfect for students who need extra help in their homework. This isn’t the only thing it does, of course, and this versatility is one of the reasons for its services costing as high as they do.


If you’re in a spot, you can actually get avail of their services for less. It takes a little trick involving another website. Sounds like covert stuff, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t complicated at all. Simply head on over to, ask your question, then mention that the question is also found on Coursehero. Set the price to about $3 and wait for people to bite.


Tutors at schoolsolver usually have Coursehero accounts of their own and would gladly grab the answer for you for the money you agreed to pay, which should be a fraction of what Coursehero would ask of you. Of course, they wouldn’t give it as is. They would tailor-fit the solutions to reflect their own styles.


It isn’t sly at all. This is simply the system working in your favor for once so you shouldn’t feel bad for using the loophole. Personally, I find that tutors answer my questions faster when my queries mention that they’re also asked in Course Hero. This is because research time will be virtually eliminated for them and they will still provide you personalized answers injected with extra quality from Course Hero.

My study pool review

Below is my experience of asking a question on


Studypool? StudyBAH

After trying (and failing) to answer even a single question on an exercise set on integral calculus, I decided to try and look for help online. I hunted around Google until I stumbled upon It looked nice and promising enough, so with a hopeful heart, I opened it.

The site needed to be refreshed repeatedly before it would open. When it did, I clicked the big “Ask a Question” box, which then asked me to sign up. I chose the easy route and clicked “Log in with Facebook”. It took several tries (the browser kept redirecting me towards the error page), and then, it said I was banned! I’ve never used this site before and I was banned! It said that I had to settle my account because my “time limit had expired” and that my “account would be locked” until I “take an action.” What?! I pressed “Ok.” I hunted around the page for a while and then found out this wasn’t my account at all but someone named Aurelia. I don’t even know anyone with that name, so I logged out and tried to sign up again with Facebook, but the same thing happened. So I logged out a second time and signed up with my email account instead, verified it, and got redirected to my Dashboard.

Feeling as though I’ve won a major battle, I clicked the Ask Questions button. There were three main boxes on the page, and the top two asked for a title and a category. The third lower box was the biggest, and it had several formatting options, so I assumed it was where the main question should be asked. I attached a picture of my exercise and clicked the next step. The next page was called “Question Settings” – where you choose a tutor tier, budget, and deadline. My question seemed simple enough, and the lowest tutor tier, Standard, already promised both an answer and an explanation, so I went with it. I inputted my budget (although it was supposed to be free, it had a minimum requirement of $1.00) and delivery time (I chose the smallest – 1 hour). The question was posted and I was notified that my question was being matched to a tutor, and that it could take 15 minutes. I decided to eat while waiting for an answer.

Over an hour later, nothing had happened. There were supposed to be bids to answer my question, but there was none. I checked out the tutors’ pages and reviews. Apparently, I should have tried a higher bid even for such a simple question, so I raised it. I finally got one bid and hurriedly confirmed my tutor, opted to pay through PayPal, and waited for the answer.

I guess I fell asleep. I woke up to go to school the next morning, but the answer still wasn’t there. Finally, six hours after the supposed deadline (while I was in class!), my question was answered.

It wasn’t good at all.

Okay, to be fair, the numbers were answered, although I’m not sure if they’re correct (I doubt it). The solutions were severely lacking, and there were no explanations at all! The numbers and steps seemed to just magically evolve and merge for no logical reason. Two numbers did not even have a single line of solution.

And I thought: this is it. What a horrible service.

Studypool said that my payments would only be finalized once I was 100% satisfied with their service, but I was not satisfied at all. I paid, so I had balance to pay my tutor with, but I am not happy with this experience and I wanted my money back. I’ve written them a letter, but as of date, they have not yet replied.

Make Money Doing Homework

Make money doing homework

It may sound a little unusual to go back to school as a way to make a decent income, but what if you didn’t have to go back to class, just do your homework? Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Just like when you were back in school, there’s still plenty of student’s that need a little extra help. It may just be one problem on a math assignment, or a student that needs in-depth tutoring in history. Regardless of the situation many students still need help from time to time and are willing to pay a decent amount of cash for it.

With the rise of the freelance market, websites such as School Solver and Student Lance are showing people how it’s possible to supplement your income from home by helping students with their challenges. If you were one of those students, that might consider this work as “cheating.” You have other options such as editing or tutoring students via webinars.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how do these site’s work and how do torturers get paid? Below you’ll find three great website’s that do just that.

School Solver

How it works

Simply type your question in the search bar and another user will answer your questions while providing step by step examples for an affordable price. To purchase these tutorials, you must first create an account with School Solver; this will provide you access to their secure payment portal, known as Wallet.

Student Lance

How it works

Before using Student Lance, you must create a free account. This requires basic information such as your name and email. This is so that they can keep you updated with your question. Questions are posted by students and tutors have the luxury of searching through them and answering requests as they see fit. Once a tutor has answered your request, you’ll be notified through email. When posting a question you have the option of stating how much you are willing to spend. If you have a more common question, you can search through existing request, to find your answer.

Tag Tutor

How it works

Tagtutor another industry leader in online tutoring, assignments, and problem sets. Unlike other homework solutions sites, Tagtutor is a collaboration of expert writers who have a minimum six years or higher of academic experience in their field.

Students can gain assistance in 4 categories of help: Assignment Help, Homework Assistance, Online Tutoring, and Writing Help by just creating a free account, submitting their task, reviewed by experts, making a payment, and finding their solution.

Comparing Payment Options

When evaluating these site’s payment options School Solver and Student Lance are in the same ballpark. With students posting questions or uploading projects, they will have to mention their budget and how much they are willing to pay. The tutors then will post their answers and quote a price, claiming the amount of time and effort put into a reply. This produces a bidding war, making sure each party is getting the best price possible.

Where Tagtutor separates itself from the competition is with their simple and straightforward payment plan. With students paying per hour for a vast library of tools, instead of being confirmed to niche industries and topics.

Bottom Line

If you love learning and helping other people succeed, you’re school days might not be over!