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Being a student is tough, but nothing brings out the best in us like a good education. This is why despite the costs and the mental toll, we push on—fighting exams, beating deadlines, and extending our limits. It’s both fun and hard at the same time.


Sometimes, though, we find ourselves stuck on a project, struggling for an assignment, or flat out incapable of learning a new lesson. This is where Coursehero ( comes in with all its resources to help us learn and finish our school tasks. This online service is perfect for students who need extra help in their homework. This isn’t the only thing it does, of course, and this versatility is one of the reasons for its services costing as high as they do.


If you’re in a spot, you can actually get avail of their services for less. It takes a little trick involving another website. Sounds like covert stuff, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t complicated at all. Simply head on over to, ask your question, then mention that the question is also found on Coursehero. Set the price to about $3 and wait for people to bite.


Tutors at schoolsolver usually have Coursehero accounts of their own and would gladly grab the answer for you for the money you agreed to pay, which should be a fraction of what Coursehero would ask of you. Of course, they wouldn’t give it as is. They would tailor-fit the solutions to reflect their own styles.


It isn’t sly at all. This is simply the system working in your favor for once so you shouldn’t feel bad for using the loophole. Personally, I find that tutors answer my questions faster when my queries mention that they’re also asked in Course Hero. This is because research time will be virtually eliminated for them and they will still provide you personalized answers injected with extra quality from Course Hero.

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